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Alpha Dating is express website delivery service that will let you have completely functional dating website in 7 days only for 649 €.

You get all the work done without the need to install or register anything.

Ordering the service Alpha Dating you get a website with:

Unique design
Paid domain name for 1 year
Paid web hosting for 1 year
1 month free support
The following functionality:
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Galleries men/women - galleries with profiles of the registered users. Each profile contains one or more pictures, self description and a lot of personal properties. After changing the profile an e-mail is sent to the administrator for validating the new user details. In the galleries a searching is possible by country, language, gender, age...

Internal message system - - for exchanging messages between the users. Files can be attached to the messages. The attached files size is limited to avoid overloading the server. The unneeded messages can be sent to the recycle bin, but can also be recovered when needed.

Banner rotating system - automatic control of displaying banners, depending of
the paid fee, the expiring period and the banner position.

Billing system - gives information and control of the orders (gold or silver memberships...) and the expected payments. Activate the paid services.

News publishing system - allows placing information about new events on to the home page.

Birthday remiding ability

Administrative panel - this section is accessible only from the administrator to manage the website: full control over the registered user profiles; control over the banners displayed on the home page and on the special banners page; system for publishing news in the "news" block on the home page; e-mail notification system for informing the users about the site changes, new events or advertising, the e-mails can be sent to users specified by some criteria (women, men, not active); payments control (informs about the purchased services, controls the orders, informs about the expected transactions);

 Web pages:

- Home  - the main page of the website that includes match section, login section for the registered users, links to the registration pages, links to the other subsections, banner section, news block, etc...
- Registration for women/men - these pages collect the necessary details about the new users
- Services and Prices - information about the offered services and their prices; there can be different types of membership for different prices and periods.
- Links - a page with links to other websites that have a link to your website - this is in order to increase the popularity and rating of the website in the search engines.
- Online questions - from this page the users can ask questions to the administrator.
- How do we work? - page that have explanation of the rules that the users have to observe and help information about using the site services.
- Support - support and help informtion with feedback.
- About Us - contains information about how the agency works.

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