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Other web design services

Website support
      Technical support for your website.
      Supporting and updating your data when necessary.
      Other support services you may need.

Website re-designs
      Creating a new one.
      Fresh and improved design for existing websites.

Website upgrade (to existing websites)
      Adding more pages
      Adding new functionality
      Adding new features

Web programming
      Creating modules - ASP.NET, C#, PHP, ASP, AJAX, database, etc.
      Server-side software - ASP.NET, C#, PHP
      Client-side software - Java Script, AJAX
      Web services, SOAP, XML
      Complex dynamic HTML pages (DHTML, Java Script, AJAX)

Other types of products :
      Online games (Casino, multi-player games)
      E-commerce applications
      Sophisticated features for Web sites (interactive sites, etc.)

   Prices: Hourly rate for software development projects is €6 - 15 per hour. For each project the hourly rate is determined individually according to many factors (order complexity, used technologies, project duration, etc.) and preliminary negotiations with the customer.


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