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PC Center

Software for controlling Windows OS workstations in TCP/IP networks. Appropriate for game and Internet halls.

PC Center - Server side PC Center - Client side

Server side
      Automatic displaying list of workstations in use
      Controlling starting and stopping applications
      Monitoring working time interval
      2 level access - admin, boss
      Automatic calculation of total price based on different preliminary given hourly rates
      Daily report
      Monitoring the type of work (game, Internet, office etc.)
      Sending messages to users

Client side
      Replaces Windows desktop
      Blocks access to many system functions.
      3 level access - user, admin, boss
      Setting different hourly rates for different programs - access level boss
      Adding and removing shortcuts to programs on PC Center desktop - access level admin, boss
      Arranging icons on PC Center desktop
      Changing GUI appearance


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